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Frequently Asked Questions

 Does the scheme cover all trades?

Not at present. The scheme covers those businesses and trades which are known to present a higher risk to consumers. As the scheme expands and consumer concerns change other trades may be incorporated within the scheme.

Are the registered traders checked?

Yes. All registered traders undergo an audit procedure designed to ensure that they are properly run businesses.

How do I know the feedback is genuine?

All feedback received from customers is liable to an audit to ensure that it is genuine. In addition, the pattern of feedback is monitored to ensure that any anomalies are identified and checked.

What happens if I have a dispute with a trader?

Provided you have unsuccessfully attempted to resolve the matter by negotiation you can complete the “Make a Complaint” section of this site. This will then be passed to the Trading Standards service who will provide you with appropriate advice and guidance and will also consider the matter for any criminal investigation.

What happens if a business claims membership but is not on the website list?

Please contact Trading Standards immediately.

Can businesses be removed from the registered list?

Yes. Any business which acts against the best interests of the consumer may be removed from the scheme.


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